Star Wars Galaxies log analyser


What shall I use as input for the SWGla?

The SWGla uses Star Wars Galaxies chat log files as input for its evaluations. You have to setup SWG for logging, afterward you can start logging in SWG to get a valid input for the SWGla.

How do I have to setup SWG for logging?

Open the 'Options' window and choose the 'Chat' slide. Set the 'Combat Message Filter' to 'All' and set the 'Combat Message Range' to its maximum value. Then choose 'Verbose Combat Messages' and select all check boxes. Check also the box 'Timstamp Incoming Messages'.

How can I start logging?

The logging will start if you type '/logChat' on your chat bar and hit enter afterwards. You will receive the message 'Chat logging ON' and a line for the current log file size in your chat window.

How can I stop logging?

Type '/logChat' again on your chat bar and hit enter. The logging will stop and you receive the message 'Chat logging OFF' in your chat window.

When do I have to start logging?

You have to restart the logging after each login with your character. The logging is only active for your current session or until you stop logging.

Where can I find the log file?

The path to your log file can be described as '<SWG installation folder>\profiles\<name of account>\<server name>\<ID>_chatlog.txt'. You will find in this folder for each character on your server one log file with an unique ID.

I have started logging, but why is my logfile empty or does not include the current log?

The log file will be written every few minutes by SWG automaticly. You can trigger the writing process by using the '/logChat' command if you stop logging.

How can I load a log file?

Execute the SWGla.exe and click on 'select log file'. A dialog will open where you can choose your log file. Browse to your log file and klick on the open button of the dialog. The evaluation of the log file may take several seconds, afterwards you will see a tree view which incudes the content of your log file.

What does the evaluation window show?

The evaluation window consists of a tree view. The first element shows the path of your log file and the second element is an information about the evaluation time. This is followed by the different logging sessions. Each session consists of three elements: Players/NPC, Weapons, Specials. You will find there statistical informations for each group.

What is the condition to have a good statistical information?

For example if you want to know what your cirtical hit chance are for a special opponent then you need several hundred hits to get a proper value.

Why have Oekevo such a bad english?

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